Thursday, September 13, 2007

Instead of venting...

I choose to be thankful

>for health

>for great friends who give the best hugs and who listen no matter how many times I repeat myself

>for a God who loves us unconditionally no matter how much we screw up

>for awesome kids who have their own quirks and giftings

>for a husband who survived unbelievable odds

>for a house

>for food in my fridge

>for being able to feel, be it happiness, sadness, loneliness, love, tiredness and JOY

>for so many incredible experiences in my life

>for walmart who had jeans today for my boy who cried all morning because none of his jeans fit....ah the finer things in

>for ears to hear even though it is whining or crying but also many good things too like "I love you mom, just the way you are"....thanks Noah

>for the place I live with four seasons...even though they come too early sometimes!!!
There is SOOOOOO much more this can't even be the tip of the iceberg so to speak!!

So yeah, even though everything in me wanted to lash out in venting my frustrations I thought this might be less hurtfull to myself and make me also realise how truly blessed I am!!!

God is GOOD!


Wanda said...

So well put, Louise. A list we need to go over daily. I think one of the reasons my life has been so that I have remembered to have a heart of gratitude....! I'm thankful for you today and this beautiful list. I'm thankful for Wal*Mart too, I found a pair of jeans that fit this old granny!!

it's me, Val said...

You're right. . . we do need to remember these little --- very important --- things in our life ALL THE TIME, especially when we just want to complain. You are such a good person! Thank you for the inspiration. Love ya!


P.S. I love your Noah!

Andrea said...

Wow. It's hard to sometimes make that decision to leave negativity at the door and instead CHOOSE to focus on the positive.

I could definitely learn a lesson from you. Great attitude to have!

p.s. I agree -- your Noah sounds totally amazing!!

Erin said...

Great post. We are truly blessed and we have been given so many wonderful things. Like you as my friend : )

ValleyGirl said...

Ah, Louise, you're a bigger woman than I. I would have vented! I'm sorry you had what was obviously a frustrating day, but thank you for the inspiration to CHOOSE a different attitude when those days find me.

Tara said...

Great read, you can call it "venting" in a good positive way! Talking about clothes that don't fit, have you checked out Superstores new "Joe" line for kids? It is so, so, so nice for boys and girls and very reasonable priced! I just love it!

it's a gong show... said...

you're awesome louise!

lil ole' me..... said...

Great post Louise!
I needed to remember this today during one of my work vents.
Next week, when the "work vents" sneak up on me, I will remember your post! :)