Friday, September 28, 2007

A day in my life.....Newspaper Article, Crazy Friends, Puppy on the mend and a prayer for my daddy...........

I guess the title says it all. I made it into the local newspaper with a little article about the upcoming show No Opportunity Wasted, my family is so excited and its a great article they did a good job. After reading the CBC advertisement on our episode I had a good chuckle it reads as follows:

Wednesday, October 3, 2007, 8:30 p.m.Eps 1: Fear of HeightsOn Canada's costal mountains, two challengers face their fear of heights - a fear that has kept them grounded their entire lives. For a Winnipeg homemaker, confronting her fear could save her marriage. For a Vancouver firefighter, battling his fear of heights is a matter of life and death. Location: Vancouver, BC; Squamish, BC; Pemberton, BC

Kinda funny I didn't know my marriage needed saving, alas now I know how Brittany feels!! LOL ....okay you have to admit that WAS funny!

Anyway and then yesterday I also had to take my dog for two operations, one a neuter and the other to repair a hernia on his tummy so now he is laying around and taking it easy, he was up at 4 am crying I took him out and then he slept at my feet for the rest of the night, who would have thought I of all people would have adjusted to life with a dog so easily since I have never been a 'pet in the house' kind of person. But I love Rexy now, he is part of the family!!

A small tribute to my crazy friends, the ones I am doing the weight loss thing with(6 down so far..YAHOO)...well we got a tad sidetracked yesterday and since all our hubbies were either working or out of town while the kids were asleep we had a snack attack.....thank goodness weigh in is 5days away, we have to have a cheat day every now and then...(oh that's right we already had one on Wednesday)..oh well today is a new day! thanks girls for keeping me you bunches!!

Last but definitely NOT least my daddy hasn't been feeling well lately and he needs our prayers so all of you who know me and even those of you who don't, can you say a prayer for my dad today, he needs his health and peace of mind that all will be okay!! THANKS I love my daddy SO much and I am such a daddy's girl he has always been such a strong pillar to me and it hurts to hear and see him under the weather!!! Thanks again for your prayers!!


LiLi said...

LOL...what a great shot and evidence of what we actually tummy still hurt this morning.

I am so thankful for my "Niverville Family"...I have been truely blessed to be brought into this small are one of the many reasons I thank God every day for answering our prayers :)

Love you bunches!!

it's a gong show... said...

at least the pepsi was diet :P

i'll keep your dad in my prayers...oh and your marriage too lol!

lil ole' me..... said...

Just said a prayer for your dad.
Hope he feels beter soon!!!

Andrea said...

That is a GORGEOUS picture of you in the paper.

Good for you for indulging yourself with your friends -- everybody needs a cheat night (or two) once in awhile. :)

Praying for your dad...

p.s. happy that you've SAVED your marriage through this NOW experience.... :)

candypb said...

What kind of problems do you guy's I can't beleive they would wright something like that. I'm sure I'll find out all your mariage secrets in CUBA.... Woohooo.... I can hardly wait.
Love ya Chic.

Nadine said...

My prayers are with you and your dad. I pray that all is well.

It's nice to have friends to share life with and let loose.

I'm just sad I live in the states and won't be able to see your show. Have fun watching it.