Saturday, August 11, 2007

FAMILY HIKE UP to the Tea Hut at Lake Louise...
It was a gorgeous day a perfect day for a hike...the kids made it up 4 km to the top to enjoy this perfect lake on top and we enjoyed a picnic lunch where the squirrels literally ate out of our hands. The kids made the approx. 8 km hike without whining...a miracle!! Enjoyed the amazing scenery...WOW just amazing sights!! For someone who used to be terrified of heights I am SO blessed to be experiencing this with my family!!
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it's me, Val said...

Those really are amazing pictures. Where is it exactly that you went??? I just love all your pictures, Louise!

Louise said...

These pics are of our hike up the side of one of the mountains in was a great hike with so many great views and so many gorgeous places...that is the lake at the top where we had a picnic lunch just STUNNING!! and the sad thing is most people that visit Lake Louise don't even know its there they don't take the time to hike and find these places...heck I wouldn't have if Conrad hadn't known about it!