Saturday, August 11, 2007

Drive to the top of Mt. Norquay....another perfect day. We relaxed at the top and enjoyed the perfect view of Banff, it was perfect for taking pictures of the kids, our school shots this year instead of the oh so typical Walmart studio picss...LOL!
Again I was taken a back by the wonderful things we saw!
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ValleyGirl said...

What a great idea to do your kids' annual pix somewhere other than the Wal-Mart studio! I did that too, this year. So much more meaningful -- to you and to anyone you give them too.

Louise said...

yeah I am not quite the photographer you are but I do agree it is more meaningful!

it's me, Val said...

I couldn't agree more on the picture thing! :)

I am just still in awe of the beauty! I figured out it was Banff you were at. My hubby and his dad want to go there so badly, and now I see why. Gorgeous. Your pictures are just breath-taking. Your angles . . .everything. Makes me want to go definitely.

Is Banff far from where you live?

Louise said...

Yeah Banff, Lake Louise and Lake is absolutely gorgeous!!!
It is a 16hour drive from our place, we took our time getting there 2 were better this way!!
SHOOT I got you and Valleygirl mixed up I thought her comments were you..opps!! sorry both of yoU!!
What I meant is Val you would LOVE taking pics there, especially with a really good camera...mine is just a handheld cannon. There is SO much to see and do there and SO many places to take pics make sure you take LOTS of memory cards...LOL!
Hope you get to enjoy it soon!!