Thursday, August 23, 2007

Anyone who knows me knows my hair changes ALL the time I get bored and I like to change things up...well this is my new do a tad different but FUN....Goodbye blonde hello brunette and a blueish purple...definitely something to get used to and I chopped it off which feels great but I am sure that by the next time I go in for a haircut I'll be saying ' I want to grow it out....' I'll be the wild granny with purple hair but it will be on kids just nod now they give their opinion and then they just nod...the votes are in Ezra doesn't like it, Keziah LOVE S the purple and Noah says I love you mommy just the way you are...forever the gentleman!!

Hope everyone is well!
Enjoy the last couple days before the kids go back to school!!
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Moment of Insanity led to this.....
My kids have wanted a dog for a long time now and we've kept on saying no until this week where I told them 'if you can convince dad then we'll get one' well I guess they convinced dad....and here I am with a baby in the house. He is a sweet almost 5month puppy named REX (Shitzu Pekingese cross) super friendly and cuddly and very calm tempered SO far. So yeah I have never been one for dogs around especially indoor dogs so this is a BIG deal for me and I am hoping that I get used to it I am a little wary about the training aspect but reading up on it and gathering info from friends so if anyone has any thoughts..bring it on!
Have a great day!
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Friday, August 17, 2007

The day has arrived.....

My dear sweet Kez has been waiting for this day for a LONG time now...tonight High School Musical 2 is on TV on the family channel and we are having a party!! Kez has been so in love with the first musical and has a little crush on Zac Effron well I would too if I was six...heehee... she LOVES musicals...oh dear what have a I started...LOL!! So anyway we are anticipating this big TV event....just thought I'd spread the excitement!! (Kez adds as I am writing this, thanks for putting it on your blog!!..too funny)

Monday, August 13, 2007

(took theses at the concert, security lady told me I could take pics as long as I didn't use the ease the guilty conscience Erin...heehee)
Wow what an amazing concert....what a amazing gift!!! I felt so incredibly blessed to have seen him live in concert. He has such a powerful voice, that gave me goosebumps over and over...although I didn't join the granny's in flinging panties( okay not quite but there were quite a few gray haired "older" ladies wanting just a 'touch' from Josh..too funny) I sure felt warm and fuzzy with all his powerful songs. He sang my current fave( it always changes ) but when I find one I play it over and over and over and he sang it so I was happy!! (pause player to enjoy)

I will definitely see him again if he makes his way was worth every penny.
To read a more detailed version of events read Erin's blog!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

One more.......

Had to share this one last photo, a picture of me and my babe. I had a great time travelling with him, we got along really well and he kept me sane in times when the kidlets were driving us insane. We laughed and had a lot of fun. He was SO happy to be back "home" in the mountains, he has always felt most comfortable there, it has always been a hobby of his all things outdoors, climbing, hiking and camping. He was just so happy and content to be there sharing this with his family. I am blessed to have such an incredible man, one who is so understanding of my crazy moods, grumpiness and silly sense of humour! I love him so!

He will be going back in less than a month to climb Mount Temple...I am praying already!!

So here is it is...the pic!!

Below are a few pics of our trip to the Canadian Rockies!! This is just a drop in the bucket considering 650 pics were taken...LOL!

Lots of movies...thanks to the portable DVD players and three screens...whatever happened to looking out the window and enjoying the view...well it kept them quiet and entertained and not too many questions of "are we there yet?". It really was a saving grace...sad but true...Conrad and I stayed sane!!
AND of course a stop at IKEA was A MUST!!! LOVED IT!!!
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BANFF- our drive over....long road trip with the kids!
Climbed to the top of Tunnel mountain and enjoyed the views.

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Beautiful and wonderful and SOOOO filled with tourists. It was CRAZY, I guess that is what August Long means...tourist central. WE were happy to find one little spot on the side where we were able to take a few is a beautiful blue lake with amazing mountains in the background...perfect for pictures! An Asian couple was so taken by Kez(blond and blue-eyed I guess) that they wanted their picture taken with her....too funny.
A beautiful lake!!
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Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!! Enjoyed this time up at what felt like the top of the world, coming from Prarie land this was nice to see. It was the first time our kids ever saw mountains and they loved it! Conrad hiked this mountain up and down by himself the kids were too tired (12km)
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Drive to the top of Mt. Norquay....another perfect day. We relaxed at the top and enjoyed the perfect view of Banff, it was perfect for taking pictures of the kids, our school shots this year instead of the oh so typical Walmart studio picss...LOL!
Again I was taken a back by the wonderful things we saw!
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FAMILY HIKE UP to the Tea Hut at Lake Louise...
It was a gorgeous day a perfect day for a hike...the kids made it up 4 km to the top to enjoy this perfect lake on top and we enjoyed a picnic lunch where the squirrels literally ate out of our hands. The kids made the approx. 8 km hike without whining...a miracle!! Enjoyed the amazing scenery...WOW just amazing sights!! For someone who used to be terrified of heights I am SO blessed to be experiencing this with my family!!
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Columbia Icefields....
Gorgeous glacier....freezing cold but A LOT of fun and a great experience one I highly recommend. And our campsite at Tunnel Mountain.
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Friday, August 10, 2007

"God did a GREAT job when He created the mountains" Ezra age 7

We are back from a wonderful 10day family vacation to the Canadian Rockies..we are safe and happy to be home. I will share more pictures and more of our adventures soon but for now I just thought I'd let you know we are home!!

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Louise will be MIA for a bit...see you soon!!!
Hugs to you all.....