Monday, July 09, 2007

WARNING: Not for those easily grossed out!!

Okay so this started a LONG time ago in Hoeppnerville(our house) when each time the kids would ask me what we were eating for breakfast or lunch or supper I would tell them 'poop on a stick' yup you read that right...I bet my mom is cringing right now thinking to herself - I raised my daughter better than this. Well anyway like I said this has been happening for a the other day I thought to myself...mmm..what if I actually do that..what if I serve them poop on a stick(well a real food version on the "real thing'..common ladies I am not that cruel...LOL) so this is what I came up with, one MR.BIG chocolate bar cut in half and put on a skewer...oh yes it worked!! The kids howled they thought it was the best thing ever only now I wrecked it for myself because now if I say we are having poop on a stick they'll say SURE MOM!! And of course I HAD to take pictures...anyone who knows my Ez knows the extreme he took this to..those pictures I did not take..LOL...yes the children had a hay day with this one!!! Oh well this was a lot of fun and I am sure some great memories for my kids and the Penner kids.

Look out friends and family Poop on a stick could be coming to a party near you...heehee!!


Elin said...

Any leftovers?

Louise said...

Too funny...yeah I gave them to Conrad!! LOL
Ask him...heehee!

Wanda said...

Oh Louise, I thought I had seen everything....I can't wait until the end of July when I go down south to see my grandkids. The boys, especially the younger ones are going to go crazy over this!!!
You are such a fun mom....Love ya for it!!!

The pictures are great...I'll try to get some too.

svea said...

Ok, too bad I should have picked up Eiley's cup earlier and enjoyed the poop with Y'all. Great idea. You are a great mom! many memories there, only next time I would be happy to loan you my mini potty to serve them in =) hugs-

Alison said...

That is hilarious!! I always tell my kids we're having poop sandwichs. Any suggestions? LOL

Andrea said...

You are awesome! And so creative. And you know, even with the title "poop on a stick", they still look delicious!!

Love your new picture, by the way!

Nadine said...

That's great. It looks really good. Thanks for the laugh.

Cherrye said...

That is funny. Gross. But, funny. When I have kids I may copy your idea, but then again, potty humor doens't float well with me. :-)

Kathy said...

You are too funny..
Love ya miss ya

Erin said...

Hee hee :)

Louise said...

Wanda - oh I think your grandsons will love that...LOL

Svea- next time you come down we'll have to make it!!

Alison- mmm what about bread with nutella and peanuts....LOL!!

Andrea- thanks for the compliment!

Nadine- Yeah they were surprisingly good...I mean chocolate right??? how can it not be...LOL!

Cheryye- potty humour is a part of my life...I grew up with three brothers and no sisters so it was a form of survival...LOL!!

Kathy- miss you too!

Erin- yeah I know crazy stuff eh??

LiLi said...

Hey Louise...I laughed so hard because I say that to the boys, but never thought of actually doing are one step ahead of me...might have to try that some day :) Love ya.