Thursday, July 12, 2007

Three of my favorite people....
First my Noah - bright eyed, twinkle in his eyes and so sweet...sneaky at times but none the less sweet
Next Ezra - mischief maker, funny - always makes me laugh, does things at the most unexpected moments and keeps things lively.the biggest tightest hugs
Last but not least Keziah - the 'stubborn' one(not always a bad trait!!) likes things a certain way, a heart of gold and SUCH a giver, thinking always of others with her sweet drawings and cards.

Love how life can be so interesting, never gets boring with three kids that are so close in age..makes for a lot of fighting but hey that's normal right?!

So many memories and so many reminders that they are growing up, lately I have found myself saying almost daily...thank goodness I don't have a baby or a toddler...maybe its because of that reoccurring dream where I find out I am pregnant the month Kez goes into school full time...EEEKKK... (why I added that I dont' know...tangent) But yeah they are growing up and asking all sorts of questions...some I don't know that I have the 'right' answers to and others that maybe its just not the time to answer yet. I am enjoying the summer with them going to the beach, swimming lessons and just hanging out in a slower pace of life.

Can't imagine but I know the time will come all too quickly when they will move out and move onto a life of their own BUT for the time being I'll listen to the bickering, watch the silly dances, hear the whining and correct it, clean up the mess for the millionth time, receive my 100th picture and find something new to love on it, pray the goodnight prayers, watch the temper tantrums, listen to the stubborn cry, see the proud look on the face of a child who has passed a swimming lesson,watch one sibling comfort the other, laugh as one child not -so -sneakily is trying to spy on me, listen to the 50th rendition of "its the start of something new...'(High School Musical), answer as many why questions as I can AND kiss the goodnight kisses all the while cherishing the moments that we do have!!
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Erin said...

That was very sweet and such a good reminder about how fast time is going. All those little mundane, everyday moments when they are this age will be gone suddenly. Miss you lots...Love ya!

Wanda said...

Sweet Louise, You are becoming the daughter of my "heart". Is there such a thing as a adopted "Blogger" Grandma...I will apply!
I could love those children! Precious! I love reading and watching you grow!

candypb said...

LOL... Wanda, That's sweet. The kid's can call you Brandma. Get it?

And Louise,
You do have some great kid's. Hearing you talk about them in such a way makes me want more kid's. I guess I'm in the same spot as Wanda.LOL...

Louise said...

Erin - yeah time goes by too fast soon Ella will be dancing on the stages of the world not just your livingroom... ;)

Wanda- no application neccessary..I would take you in a heartbeat!! see I never grew up with Grandparents so for my kids the more the merrier in my opinion!!! Thank you ALWAYS for you encouraging comments!!

Candy - I pray babies for and Sheldon are SO awesome and I love you SO much and I pray that you have your quiver FULL and that you are satisfied!!!

Anonymous said...

So true, I find that my "little" ones are growing up way to fast for my liking. Soon they will be big ones with "little" ones of their own. I will cherish the time that they are still children and want me to hug and kiss then. Not looking forward to when they think Mom is too embarrassing to hang around with. Until then they will be getting lots of xxxooo's from me!

svea said...

you are such a sweet mom and I am so glad you are enjoying your summer with yoru precious kiddos. i am trying to take each day while I just have 1 and enjoy her, knowing time is running out. 2 will be fabulous, just wane to live everyday to the fullest. thansk for reminding me of that - hugs