Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person; having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but to pour them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, knowing that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.” George Eliot

I am blessed....
Today I had a brief conversation with someone who has reflected upon their life and hasn't come up with a lot of things that they have accomplished or dreams that they lived out and warned me not to do the same...I personally don't think that is the case ,I see that person as having lived a life of extreme importance to her family and I can only hope they realize the gift they have. So anyway it got me to thinking about some of the things that I am grateful for today..
1) my hubby and his smile, his calming personality, his 'up to something' grin, the twinkle in his eyes when he is excited about something, his gentle touch and his never ending hugs
2) my three great kids...although there are days when they drive me batty in the end there is always love
3) the fact that I am surrounded by so many wonderful friends who are so supportive and encouraging...I feel as though I have not put effort into some of those relationships but I pray they know how deeply I care about them and how thankful I am for them!!
4)that I have a family that I love to hang out with my brothers make me belly laugh and they all chose great women that I love to hang out Candyballs and my Rose and Rebar who lives far away and I miss her..
5)the fact that I can spend a lot of my summer at my friend's resort with my kids...a HUGE blessing!!!!
6) that I got to live a dream less than a month ago, one that pushed me to my limits that caused me to think outside the box and provokes me to greater things in my life...stay tuned in for updates on that one(see earlier post)
7) that my body allows me to move and function even though exercise sucks(still waiting for it to become exciting) I am thrilled that my body works..always room for improvement but bottom line it works
8) that I am blessed to stay at home with my kids...I am so fortunate for that, its a choice me and Conrad made together and one I have no regrets about
9) I have ears to hear so many exciting sounds...the new tunes that are out and I can crank them up on my MP3 player or my van stereo or my stereo at home and I can dance or sing along..I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! and the sounds of nature...being out here in nature for two weeks has been awesome I have enjoyed it so much!
10)that I have had an opportunity to travel and explore different parts of the country and the world, seen amazing things and been able to do amazing things

I don't know what the future holds but I do know that I am blessed no matter what way I look at it, my good experiences have far outweighed the bad!!


Alison said...

That's awesome Louise! A great reflection. You are so blessed and so am I! Thanks for the reminder:)
God is so good!!

Wanda said...

That was so beautiful....Those are great blessings! Counting our blessings is what eliminates discontentment, and discouragement!! Thanks for showing us such a powerful example!
You are darling in those pictures, and your hubby ain't bad either!!!
((smiling at you))

Louise said...

Alison - yup tonnes to be thankful for!! God is GOOD!!

Wanda- I was thinking of putting those pics up in our room in a form of collage on our wall in black and white...what do you think?? ((HUGS))

Andrea said...

I love the idea of putting them in a collage form in your room. You guys look like such a cute couple!!

Louise, I just have to say I'm so glad I met you via blog-world. You are an inspiration to me!!

candypb said...

Hey you sexy thing,
Never quit dreaming and excelling at what your best at. I am so thankful for you and your words of wisdom that I read every day. I am one of the many people in this world that has never finished anything I have started and failed miserably at most everything. My marriage is something that I have stubrunley said, will never fail and My relationship with God will stand strong. If thoughs are the two things that I can say I have acomplished on my death bed, I can say that I am a blessed woman. Thanks for reminding me of the things I have acomplished. Sometimes it's easier to look at the failures in life then what I have acomplished. Congrates on the person You've become. You are an inspiration.

Nadine said...

Such beautiful words expressing a life well lived with a great future as well. It was uplifting and encouraging.

I love the pictures of you and your hubby - what a handsome couple. BTW - I do love your new photo on your sidebar.

Louise said...

Andrea - I am glad to have met you as well..we'll have to meet in 'real' life too...heehee

Candy- my dear sweet Candy you are an awesome person and I love to spend time with you, from someone looking from the outside you have grown so much and you must realize you draw closer to God everyday you will grow even more...the key is to never stop!! I love you so much you ARE a great wife and mom and I am proud to call you sis!!!

Nadine - Thanks for your encouraging is great knowing that no matter what God is in control of my life and things can only go up from here...of course there are times of slow growth and change but the future does look exciting!! I am encouraged by you and your stories you share..don't stop!! Bless you!

Ruth said...

you are blessed.
and beautiful too.

esther said...

love the pics of you 2 are too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

You 2 look truely happy!