Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Mommy we are driving you nutts right?"

Those were the words I heard from Noah yesterday and my response was 'YES, Mommy needs a break'....... and a break is what I got, Grandma and Grandpa whisked the kids away from Monday till Saturday. Have I enjoyed the time alone...absolutely yes..but do my heart strings pull when I hear Kez on the answering machine asking for me?...yes!!!

Strange how I almost couldn't wait for them to leave,counting down the days when they were whining and complaining and fighting,then counting down the hours and then minutes(man do I sounds like a mama who needs a break or what??) and now my house feels empty. I know I can complain and I do have times when I need a break, what mom doesn't right?

I have spent time wandering the mall alone, going for dinner with adults and seeing a movie, sleeping in and sitting in my quiet house. I have 3 full days to go and have lots of plans none really constructive other than relationship building ones...which in my opinion are one of the most constructive.

I guess even though there are times when I throw up my arms in frustration and say something I may regret and feel SO like I need a break the love is always there....will I enjoy my 'time off' ?absolutely!! Will I miss my kids? yes!! but I am so thankful to have this time I am blessed! I am also grateful that the kids have this time away and are building great memories with their grandparents!!!

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Wanda said...

Yeah for grandparents....I'm on my way tomorrow morning to give my kids a break....loving on those kids. Louise, enjoy every minute.

candypb said...

So you didn't go away? I'm so sorry that I couldn't go. I would have loved the time alone with you. And I really wanted to Jaddens school supply shopping out there. I can see now already that it's not going to happen.
Anjoy your time alone Louise. I've been thinking of you a lot.
Love ya, Candy

Andrea said...

What a wonderful blessing to get that break!! I gotta say, I'm jealous!!

Enjoy it! And also enjoy welcoming them home in a few days!!

ValleyGirl said...

Okay, firstly, this is not fair, you constantly talking about your week 'off' (but you've already heard this from me!) and secondly, you're right, it does feel somehow empty without the kids even though the break is nice.

Last night when Greg and I were going to bed, I asked him if he'd checked on the girls yet -- not remembering they were at a sleep-over! It felt so weird knowing they weren't upstairs. And it felt really annoying to both be awake this morning at 7:30 WITHOUT being woken up by children!!!! After watching a movie until 1 AM, we were looking forward to sleeping in, but I guess our bodies just don't do that anymore. Sigh....

Louise said...

Wanda- yes I thank God for Grandparents who are so kind to give me a break...I am sure your kids feel the same way!

Candy-yup we'll do it some other time...I'll have fun anyway!

Andrea- I am loving the break, just finished watching a movie with no interuptions..LOL

Valleygirl- I hear ya I tried to sleep in today and somehow only got till 9am..oh well that isn't too bad I guess..heehee