Thursday, July 05, 2007


My Noah you are SO incredibly special to us, you have such a great calming demeanour. We thought maybe you asking "why" all the time was a stage that maybe you would get through but we have discovered that is your way of soaking up all the knowledge around you in the world so that your own world makes sense.
I LOVE your smile, the twinkle in your bright blue eyes. I love the way you still want me to tuck you in and pray for you every night. 9 years ago you changed my life in a way that I am not sure you will ever comprehend, I am a better person because of you.

Never forget to always be yourself, don't let anyone tell you who you can or cannot be...always follow the voice of God and He will always direct your path!!

Love you my Noah boy!!

Love always,



Wanda said...

What a sweet face and demeaner...What a special name :Noah, he does have a twinkle in those eyes....Mom, great tribute!!

Happy Birthday Noah!

Gloria said...

Happy Birthday Noah!

Andrea said...

Kids really have no idea just how much we love them...until they one day have children of their own.

Looks like you have a very special family with a very special NINE year old boy!!

it's me, Val said...

Did I know you had a Noah?! He is beautiful! Happy Birthday, Noah!!

Louise said...

Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes for my boy!!

Val- you have a Noah too right??

candypb said...

Happy Birthday Baby Noah... Don't take it as an insault Noah. I'm just trying to keep you from growing up.
Louise, don't you think it's getting out of control yet? Soon we'll be sitting in the passenger seat with our boy's racing down the highway. AAAAHHHHH... LOL...
Give Noah big hug's and kisses from me, Sheldon and Jadden.

Ruth said...

he is so handsome!