Sunday, July 08, 2007

Great message....
Today Conrad and I ventured out early in the morning from the lake to go to our church service and I am glad we did. Not having been to church a lot lately it was great to be back.

The message was awesome and really got me to think, it was all about being a Christ-follower instead of a Christian, only because the name Christian has been so loosely used that it seems being called a Christian can be just because you live in Canada or USA, not because of an actual relationship with Christ. Also that as a Christian we should be living our lives in such a way that displays to other people everyday who God is and the relationship he desires to have with us. Not to go out and blast people with the hell, fire and brimstone talk but rather share with others what God has done in our lives and share what that relationship means to us. Another fact was shared and that was that there are a lot of churches don't even bring one person to Christ a year...a year?? wow what a crazy that not the reason there is church?? Not just a place for everyone to kick back and live in our safe little bubble and keep the 'outsiders' out but rather a place to equip us so that we can go out and live our lives in such a way that draw others to God as well as a place for people to come in who are searching for something 'more'. It is amazing to me how God wants to use each of us in a different way to fulfill his design and purpose for our lives and his number 1 goal is not our comfort. Makes me realise what a long way I have to go yet, not to be afraid of who I am in Christ but to rather share it with others. I always admire Nadine and the work she does to bring people to Christ and I pray that I can become bold in my walk and not be afraid to reach out to others.

**This post is not meant to offend in anyway whatsoever just my personal thoughts on a message that provoked me to thinking further on what my purpose is!!


Wanda said...

Oh Louise, so glad you were in church...loved your summary of the service...would you believe that's almost identical to the message my husband preach this morning in our services!!
You have such a sensitive and good heart, dear I feel it across the screen, and I pray for you and your family!
Love and Hugs

Nadine said...

I have always been very bold, except in the area of my Christianity. Then one day I asked God to help me to be more bold when it came to the things of the Spirit. He has done that for me and I know he can do that for you. I love your heart in this post Louise. May God grant you the boldness you desire to reach those He places in your path.

Louise said...

Wanda - thanks for your kind words that warmed my heart as usual!! Too funny you had the same message!!

Nadine - AMEN thanks for that I am agreeing with you I pray for that boldness to reach those that God places in my path!!!

cheeky said...

The word Christian has become just that, a word or label for many. Sadly, many people call themselves Christian but only because it's a label they have been given, sadly ignoring it's all about Him and a relationship. When people ask about religion I am always eager to share with them that I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, My Lord and Saviour. Yes I am Christian but because that word has become so watered down, I am moved to tell them about Jesus. In saying that, I also realise that my actions are what really speak. Am I being bold for Christ? Am I sharing with others who He is, especially when it's uncomfortable and I know the person is hard hearted or even cynical about God. When I realise I don't know enough of His Word, or the right place to point to in Scripture, I've fallen short and I'm sad because I didn't give what I'm capable of giving or share what He wanted me to share.
This post is bold. I don't believe you have to worry about offending anyone. Sharing the truth about Christ might be uncomfortable because we worry what others think. We only need to worry about what He thinks, let Him deal with the rest. He instilled in all of us the ability to know Him, each and every single one of us. What each of us chooses to do with this is, exactly that, a choice. We are to tell others about Christ, He tells us to do so.
Thanks for sharing your feelings and thoughts. I have to ask daily for His help in showing me where and how to be bold.

Wanda said...

Amen!!! to Cheeky's comments!!!

Louise said...

Cheeky- I totally agree with Wanda...Amen to your comments. It is true and yet when I wrote that I was aware that it may offend and yet I guess when we live boldly for the Lord and share the truth from His word we are bound to offend...just scary because I so am the personality that wants to be 'liked' by everyone and yet how important is that?!?!
Great comments...thanks Cheeky!!

Ruth said...

great post louise...reminds be of a quote "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle
Erin majors"

life is so short and eternity soo long...what matters so much to us here on earth -- doesn't matter at all once we get up there. a perspective that is easy to forget but i so long to remember.

Bless you. xo

svea said...

I love this post. It stirs my spirit to remind me that I am here so that others may know HIm, and the times that I have reached out to show truth and love or share it with words, I hve experienced such a release of God's heart and love. He gets so jazzed when His kids are showing the world that HIs family is open to all! You are a great example of HIs love Louise