Monday, June 25, 2007

To Grandpa Hugh with love.....I hope you know how incredibly important you are, how much you have touched our lives with your thoughtfulness, your calls to check up on us, your gifts, bottles of wine, ice cream treats....we have so many great memories of time and moments with you in our memory banks.

From the time when you were the first to show up after the birth of our babies and babysitting them when Ezra got angry at you and stood in the closet and pulled out all the profanity he could possibly think of at age two and you just chuckled and calmed him down.... to taking out me and the kids once a week to McDonalds and the Childrens Museum.

You have poured SO much life into us and we are so grateful. Thanks for taking the time to share with us the mistakes and heartaches of your past so that we might learn from you, thanks also for sharing all the wonderful memories of the exciting adventures you've been on....but most of all thanks for always loving us so completely and unconditionally always choosing to see the very best in us!! Thanks for always showing us completely how much potential we have and to never give up on any dreams that we may have!!

Thanks for your strength, encouragement and your big hugs!!

We love you and we are SO blessed to call you Grandpa.......never forget that!!

Love you big, huge much!!
Love Me, Conrad and the kids

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Andrea said...

That was so sweet.

God bless!

Nadine said...

That was so lovely. What a nice tribute.

Ruth said...

you are soooo blessed to have a relationship with your grandpa! RICH.

Gloria said...

what a lucky girl you are, and smart enough to know it

cheeky said...

Again, a beautiful post and much to be thankful for. It's so good to see the love. I loved my grandparents to bits, and I cherished and treasured every moment I had with them. A blessing indeed.

it's a gong show... said...

Beautiful post Louise. Your grandpa Hugh must be very proud to have you guys in his life.

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness, what a great looking grandpa...the love is oozing out all over!!!
Great picture and Post!

Rose said...

That is so true Louise, he always makes me feel beautiful and that i'm the best mother, thanks for inviting him to all the family things you are so blessed to have him in your lives and so now we are doubly blessed. He is so special and I know he feels your love and hopefully he feels ours as well, what a wonderful Man...
Love ya