Friday, May 04, 2007

Umm, what is that?? are the 80's back???

Today Conrad and I went to a surprise party for his aunt and we were all supposed to dress in 80's style(key word supposed) so um yeah to my very own surprise when we arrived I was one of only about ohh ... 5 others dressed up and WAY over the top....go big or go home right?? Well go BIG I did, my hair anyway!!! LOL SO thankful the 80's are done I now know why there is a hole in the ozone, it is solely the fault of the 80's and ALL the hairspray!! Don't laugh too hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd like to say a big thank you to all my stylists(2) who took the time out of their busy schedules to make this look happen!!! you know who you are....I of course won't mention you by name because I wouldn't want to affect any future business you might be wanting or expecting....LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

You are too hot for words!!!

Ashley said...

Very cute. I love the hair!

Erin said...

Okay, you are my hero!!!!! My fashion idol!!!! I want to be just like you, I want to be just the same...hee, hee ;) You seriously rock to wear that in public! Love it!

cheeky said...

This is too funny. I LOVE, LOVE the outfits, and well the make-up is a whole other story. Did we really wear it like that? Oh my! I remember all too well. I graduated secondary in 1985 and I am all about the whole 80's scene. The music will always be my favorite era.
Can I say how the bright eye shadows accentuate you lovely, big, blue eyes.
What an adorable couple you two make.

Louise said...

Erin - yeah wearing that out in public was a TRUE test as to where my identity lies....LOL!!

Cheeky- Isn't it crazy that we actually dressed like that and thought we were SO stunning?? just too funny for words but OH so fun to dress up like that!!!! LOL

esther said...

way to go Louise!!! it's always more fun going Big!!!! :)

svea said...

love it love it love it! I actually remember wearing that outfit to a dance in highschool, but you look better than i did. i think my eye shadow was a sade of crazy blue. You are too cool louise!

Norm said...

So I was just wondering...did Conrad find those clothes in his closet?