Friday, May 04, 2007

A New Dawn....A New Day

Yesterday I had the privilege of spending the day with three very important people in my life, my mom, my sis-in-law Rose and my sis-in-law Candy, we spent the morning getting pampered at Giselles with pedicures....we had a great time, the poor people doing our pedi's must have thought we were completely nutts...well I guess I can admit that we are all on the crazy side...we had a fabulous time and I am very proud of Candy who was terrified( can you imagine being terrified of something so wonderful)of getting a pedicure, she had one bad experience and that was the last of her pedi's but she was a trooper and made it through the whole thing...way to go Candyballs!!!
After we were all finished we headed to Moxie's for lunch....mmmmmmm..good! Besides my meal being a little burnt and then waiting for the replacement meal to come the conversation was amazing. I saw a side of my mom I don't think I have ever seen before or maybe I have but I was too selfish to notice, she totally opened up at the meal, I will share that my mom and I have not always gotten along, we have shared times of distance and anger and resentment but there have also been good times. My mom is a woman of amazing strength and I always knew that but I guess never to the extent of what she shared yesterday, being raised in a home where MUCH was expected of her at a VERY young age and having no real relationship with her parents she vowed to raise her children differently, she shared her hurt and frustration and anger and as the tears spilled onto the table I realised that my mom is very human, even though in my eyes she has appeared to be super human at times, I saw a side of her that was childlike and vulnerable just wanting to show others love and be loved in return, I see how my selfishness of seeing her as controlling and getting in my face on certain issues is just her way of being super involved in my life because that is something she never had. God has done amazing things in her life, she moved half way across the world from her family at 17 with my dad who was 23, not really knowing anyone and when she arrived she found out they were pregnant and didn't even know what that really was all about because no one had ever taken the time to explain this to her....and so within 3 years she had my two older brothers and me and had no close family around to support her. WOW my mom is a survivor, I am so proud of her and now that I look back all the great things she did and sacrificed for me and my brothers its amazing. I guess we all do the best we can with what we have. It was definitely a day of reflection for me realizing that its all about perspective, and that if we can get behind that persons eyes and see things through their eyes it gives us and understanding of how and why things may have happened the way they did......yeah.

It was a great day a dawning of a new day in many ways for me, I love you mom, you are an amazing woman of God and have shown me love in so many ways that I was maybe too selfish to see at most times, thanks for all you've done for me and my bros!! Rose and Candy thanks for being SOOOOOO good to my brothers, most of the time they don't deserve two awesome chicks like you( and I think they know it) LOL..seriously you are amazing people and I have the honour to call you family!! LOVE YOU!!


Erin said...

Oh, Louise, I'm so glad you had such a great time yesterday. Sounded like a lot of fun!! It's great when you can pull back a layer and see behind what you've always known to the reasons why the people you love are the way they are.

svea said...

wow, This is really touching. what a treasure to view soemones soul on a deeper level. I was able to see behind a few more layers of my own mom on this recent trip to visit me family in CAli. Awesome to have great sisters-in -law too

cheeky said...

It is nice to see growth. I believe you are growing. Growing in knowledge and faith. You are experiencing more insight and understanding.
I love my mother so deeply and it warms my heart to know other daughters are truly connected to their mums.
This touched my heart. I think it brings a sense of piece as well.
Keep loving like you do.

Anonymous said...

It's so amazing to grow up and find out that your mom is a human being too...sounds like you had a great day....awesome!! Lindalew (the grocery lady...Brandy's mom, etc.) : )

Rose said...

Wow Louise,
You are so right, I felt like I learned a lot that day too and it really made me see how much she loves and does everything out of love even if sometimes it really hurts. We have many stepping stones along the way and she showed how many other people helped her and I hope that I can be a stone for others so that they can see God's love in me.
I love you so much sis and I'm so proud that you saw this in your Mom I know she would be so proud that we understood what she was saying.