Monday, May 21, 2007

My Gardners....
I have such a wonderful husband he loves all things outdoors, here he is
with our boy planting the garden....mmm can't WAIT!!!...fresh cucumbers, carrots, beets
parsley, potatoes and dill to list a few..
what I do know forsure is that this garden
would not happen if it wasn't for my man.
Gotta love him!
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Nadine said...

That's so great to have fresh veggies. I'm sure you'll enjoy them when they come in.

Erin said...

How lucky to have a man who has a green thumb! Jer was actually pretty excited about our garden, too. I'm sure he'll be a big help. Great picture by the way! Love the through the leaves effect!

Ruth said...

:) my hubby is a waaaaay better gardner then me too. i have all the vision for it but i lack fortitude. this year i told him i had GREAT GRAND plans for a veggie garden in addition to my flower garden. but he made a bargin with me that if i was able to keep up withthe weeds in my flower garden this year -- NEXT year i could have veggies too.
very wise considering last year i did't weed once. :) it was a mess!