Monday, May 28, 2007

I knew this day would come....doesn't make it any easier...
Okay so maybe the truth of the matter was that mommy just couldn't let no I saw tears in her eyes too... Most of you know and have bugged me to death about Kezy sleeping in our room...well last night she slept in her own room all by her lonesome self, I had to lay down with her for a bit, more for my own sake than hers...why is this so hard? I loved having her in our room on the floor it was a comfort knowing she was there and listening to her soft snore. Is this how its going to be with every stage of letting go?? ...good grief Louise she is still in the same house....yeah so I am a little dramatic! She still refuses to sleep on her bed, it is a loft bed so I am thinking she is just used to sleeping on the floor and maybe eventually she'll use her bed?? or we scrap the loft bed idea...oh I don't know, we'll have to wait and see if this is a sure thing or not....its been one night!!...oh oh what happens when Conrad goes out of town again, I can't sleep alone, am I setting her up for failure??? bad mom!!..well this is a start...we'll see what happens!
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Andrea said...

I can imagine how difficult that would be after having her sleep with you for so long. Be strong -- you can do this!!!

Wanda said...

Hi Louise: Found you this morning on Darlene's blog, and you have such a nice face and smile, I thought I would visit.

Love your story. One of my grandsons slept with my daughter and her husband for a "long" time. When they finally tried to end it, she took a picture of him laying on the floor infront of their bedroom door sound asleep .....The saddest picture. But in time he did stay in his own bed.
He's 16 now and HATES that story we tell!!

Come visit me!

Oh, like the haircut too.

Tara said...

In time it will get easier. I do not like sleeping by myself either, and love having one of my kids cuddle up to me when my husband is gone away. But I make sure to tell them that this is only while Daddy is away, or else they would want to be with me all the time. Good luck!

ValleyGirl said...

Having our 1st daughter in our room the first few days of her life at home drove me absolutely crazy, so I surely can't identify with this particular situation, but I know it's hard to accept sometimes that our kids grow up. I'm totally not the sentimental type, so I was surprised to find myself tearing up while packing up Abby's outgrown clothing not that long ago. Cute little outfits that both my girls wore that they'll never be able to wear again... Good thing there are special times and phases throughout their lives, so there's lots to look forward to.