Monday, April 02, 2007

Vanessa (who tagged Sognatrice) then continued the meme party by listing 5 things about herself, and like Sognatrice, and Cherrye, Erin too, I like to talk about ME. So, I'll continue the game with the same rules!

Five things about me connected to the 5 senses:

1. TASTE - sweet, sweet and more sweet like ummmm chocolate but it has to be accompanied with a LARGE glass of milk, and especially during the Easter season Cadbury Cream Eggs!!

2. SIGHT(ISH)- I love pictures, taking them and looking at them, I love scenery and happy faces I guess thats why I love scrapbooking so much!! If only I had the talent in interior decorating....ah I'll just out source that to

3. TOUCH - on a whole I love hugs and I tend to touch the person I am talking too and I do have to catch myself b/c not everyone is comfortable with that, I love cuddling with my kids and my hubby and even sitting close to my friends on the I guess I never really realized it but I am a really touchy person!

4.HEARING - Music, definitely a must in my life in times of happiness, sadness, lonliness and praise, music is always a good medicine!! also the sound of my girly snoring oh so softly beside me on the floor....yes she still sleeps in our room!!!!

5. SMELL - I love those moments where you smell something and it takes you back to a specific memory in time and you just want to savour those moments!! I LOVE the smell of fresh coffee brewing, fresh bread, my hubby's cologne and last but not least skunk, yes you read that right crazy me likes skunk, not BO skunk but real skunk....LOL way too much info eh??? (see clarifying comments in the comment section..)


Cherrye said...

Girl you are crazy... ha ha ha...skunk? Oh, well, to each her own, right?

ha ha ha ha....

Erin said...

SKUNK???? What the...I never thought. Oh and anytime you feel the need to, you know you can play with my hair!!!

shelley said...

no no no, you do not like the smell of skunk!! Oh louise, if a skunk layed a good one behind your front step, you would so change your mind. It nearly burnt all my senses, those pisch cote's are nasty!!(check out my post on our pisch cote episode-its a old one.)

Louise said...

Okay I see I need to clarify somewhat on the skunk smell, okay I like the smell from a distance, not if one came and sprayed me or my house or anything close to me, its that smell as you pass it by on the hwy, also not a skunk that has just been hit one that has been sitting a while!!! and again if I had to smell this everyday I would most definitely not enjoy it!! LOL strange nose I have I know, blame it on all the times its been broken!!! LOL too funny

cheeky said...

Thanks for coming by.
Yeah I don't have any comments about skunk, except one....peee ewe! ha ha
Come visit again. I'm going to do a post related to that "meme" and I want my few fabulous visitors to know about it . . . coming soon.