Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday Clean up..
So I tell my girlie she needs to go and clean up her room because as you can tell it is a mess!! So off she goes,crocodile tears and all and starts to clean up her room, as I get busy cleaning up in the kitchen and putting in some laundry I notice that the house is very quiet, I know that Conrad and the boys are outside... but Kezy usually sings while she is cleaning SO I go look in her sign of her.....ah then I go to her bed and there she is curled up and fast asleep.......this is her new technique for clean-up avoidance, this is not the first time she has used this technique, the little turkey....I wonder how her husband will appreciate that in the future!!
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Nadine said...

That's funny. She does look cute asleep.

it's a gong show... said...

What a little sleeping beauty!

cheeky said...

LOL! Little Stinker. I might try that one out. What do ya think?

svea said...

hee heee heee. I use that one all the time. She is starting early though =) sweet girl