Friday, April 13, 2007

Memories in pictures...
I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to France for 17 days last October with my friend Jackie, I was celebrating my 30th birthday and she was celebrating her 40th. This was a trip with amazing sights to see, some we all know well and some that surprised the stunning beauty of southern France. There were moments of extreme laughter and fun and there were also moments of tears, missing our families and our friendship being tested. This trip was great, I wouldn't trade the opportunity for anything, as for what it did to our friendship...that is bittersweet, I love my friend very much, we were always attached at the hip, one didn't come without the other and we have been through SO much together (including the birth of two of my kids) and being alone with someone for 17 days is a true that I don't think I passed, I admit I was not a great friend all the time on the trip and I don't like remembering that, our friendship has a distance in it now, both moving in different directions.... maybe it is just life moving on....I have been dealing on and off with the guilt and hurt myself and have finally decided to let go and let God move in this relationship.....
This is a shout out to my friend I don't know if you read my blog but if you do I want you to know I love you and I apologize for the hurt I caused you,I appreciate the time that we spent on our adventure to France, I pray that we can both remember the good times !! You are an awesome person and you deserve
only the best in life!! I have many wonderful memories of our 8 years of friendship and I still care about you......Love ya!
A small tribute to our trip and some of the beautiful things we saw!
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Rachele said...

Isn't it amazing.. too often we hear people say, "they will understand when they are older." but the truth is they probably understand better than we do. Thanks for the comment.

svea said...

great words louise..... Love the pictures from France. you are a photographer! Thanks for a fun mornin' Eiley was talking about Keziah after she left =)

cheeky said...

Sometimes we do have to let go and let God, and it's difficult. What a loving post.
The photos are gorgeous. I hope you have some of those framed in your home? I would!

esther said...

WOW!!! Louise your pictures are've got a GOOD eye!!!

that's a brave and vulnerable step...good for you girl!!!

Erin said...

Oh, Louise, you have such a beautiful heart! It's so hard when life tests friendships and we fail (I know that one too well!). It's great that you're giving it up to God sooner rather than later. This way it doesn't fester and become bitter.

And beautiful pictures. I still haven't seen hardly any of um, ya, maybe you could show them to me some time? : )