Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hey. This is Conrad, yes Louise's husband. So today I made a stupid comment about not taking those personality tests because its wastes too much valuable time. Just as well to say - don't you have something better to do YIKES! So to her credit there was no retaliatory action. She left me to quietly realize this comment was not good. I shouldn't have said it. Not because I care about or believe in the tests but because I belittled something that was important to her and her interaction with all of you.I apologize. You guys are great. Thanks for supporting my wife with your wonderful comments. She really is deserving of ALL of them.By the way, it says I'm an INFJ.


Louise said...

AHhhh thanks babe, by the way how did you manage to log on to my blog??? mmmm
I know your C personality likes everything just so and I am far more laid back than that and I know it drives you nutts at times, thanks for your patience and also for your cleaning abilities because they far outweigh mine!!
Love you!!

Erin said...

That was so nice of him to come and post an apology. What a guy! I don't think Jer even reads my blog. : )

Anonymous said...



svea said...

Thats great Conrad. No wonder Lousie is so in love with you. You guys fit together perfectly.
My husband is an INFJ and I am an ENFJ, and marriage is amazing! He gets a kick out of my unlimiting capacity for people interaction, and I love his introverted side that likes to write and read and cozy away to think.

By the way I just wanted to say to Louise that one word that describes you is
You are real and you make people aroudn you feel free to be themselves. Youare alaos funny, gorgeous and sweey, but that is too many words. =)

cheeky said...

That small paragraph spoke volumes. Louise did what a woman after God's heart would do. She was quiet.
How awesome of you to come out here and admit you were wrong. That's what a husband after God's heart does.
It appears you both want the same heart.
God Bless You both.
I'm going to go check out the personality test.

Nadine said...

You're a good man. You two are too sweet for words.

shelley said...

cheeky hit the nail on the head. What a sweet arroma, to see a couple walking with the Lord, and seeking God's heart. Nothing warms my heart more than a sincere appology. Proud of you both.