Thursday, April 12, 2007

The day ends well afterall...
So as I am tucking my boys into bed I go through the usual spiel of telling them how proud I am to be their mom and that God has great things planned for their lives, when they start on their own little spiel....
"Mom I am proud of you, You do good work Mom" says Ezra, he says that means I am good at being a
"I am proud of you too mom, I am proud of your hair", says Noah
"You are a cool mom", says Noah
AHHHHHH this just warms my heart and makes my day!! I am SO blessed with three absolutely wonderful kids, they have been SO good this week and I have found myself with so many warm fuzzies this week from them!!
Thank you Lord for your blessings!!!
A blah day turned GREAT!!
ah I must add too what Keziah was praying for yesterday ...she says to me " Mom I am praying that Jesus will heal your zits".....just too cute!! where does she come up with these things!! LOL


lily said...

welcome to my blog

shelley said...

You are such a great mom. What great things to say to your children before they close their eyes for the night. I find most days, I am so tired, I don't take the time to encourage, and tell them how great they are.(It doesn't help that I've refereed all evening, but anyway...) tonight when I tucked in my goose, I told her I was proud of her, and that God had great plans for her life. thanks Louise. God bless you my friend!

it's a gong show... said...

That is so awesome that you do that Louise. You are molding them with every word. You really do get the Mother of the Year Award (not the sarcastic one that I mentioned in my comment below).

What an example you are to them.

And I love the healing of zits

esther said...

how can your day NOT shape up after that?!?! your kids are so sweet...but you know they learnt that from their mom :)...and dad too ( great post by him)

Nadine said...

How sweet are your children. It means that you have done a great job with them and it's reflected in their words of praise.

Louise said...

Thanks for all your kind comments!! Mother of the Year may be a bit over the top...LOL!!!