Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Blah but not bad kind of day...
So today I was thinking...that itself on a blah day is a scary thought and I was craving chocolate so instead of thinking I ate chocolate, in fact 1/2 a chocolate bunny, not THAT bad I guess but since I didn't want to eat chocolate this week I failed...oh well! I have been exercising my butt off 5 days a week, seemingly to me not making ANY difference another blah to my day!!(mmm could the chocolate be the problem..LOL) Then I got thinking about this Winnie the Pooh singing teddy bear that my kids had when they were little and the song that it sang fit my mood perfectly are the words
Up Down, Up Down
Puts me in the mood
Up Down touch the ground
In the mood toot toot for food
I am stout, round and speaking poundage wise
I improve my appetite when I exercise!!

So my blah kind of day improved slightly with the chocolate(not at all an emotional eater, eh?) and who knows how the day will end, tomorrow is another day:)


Rick said...

Ran across your site! Nice job!

Erin said...


yesterday I celebrated my new job with half a coffee crisp...I figured it warranted something somewhat special!

That's a funny song! Hope you don't have a blah day tomorrow : )

shelley said...

oh Lousie, sorry about the blahs....Chocolate is so my weakness too, today I bought about $15.00 worth of easter chocolate at shoppers. Am I addicted? Yes.

it's a gong show... said...

Ahhh..the solace that is found in chocolate. I did the same thing, ate a WHOLE bag of those Caramilk eggs and what is worse is that I never even asked Abbey if I could eat them.

Mother of the year award goes out to me AGAIN!!


Louise said...

I am happy to hear that I am not the only one who has a weakness for chocolate, must be a girl thing..because in the backround my hubby is can someone eat all that chocolate....LOL!!!!! TOO funny!! This coming from someone who is mostly solar-powered!!LOL