Wednesday, March 21, 2007

WHat I learned this week...
1)my kids are growing up WAY too fast...Kezy is no longer a baby(HELLO)
2)patience only comes through the grace of God(thank you GOD)
3)no matter how much you clean, someone comes along behind you and you have to start again....grr
4)that I talk WAY too much and I need to improve my listening skills
5)that no matter how much I worry it doesn't actually change the situation
6)that God comes through in the big and the little things(my verse today...2 Corinthians 3:4-5)
7)that no matter how long you exercise it doesn't become "more" fun... maybe that will happen yet
8)when frustrated with someone instead of stewing...pray for the person(tough tough tough)
9)the movie Babel was not an uplifting movie and one I don't recommend
10)that I don't need to pretend I have it all together, no one does and I can be real and thats okay
11)acts of service isn't so bad...thanks Michelle for allowing me to help you out
12)that I can actually live a day without chocolate.....its a miracle I know!!
13)that its okay not to have all the answers......ask and keep on asking right?
14)one that brought me to tears....That eventually my kids will all leave home and not need to be tucked in or need their bedtime prayer.....WOW......sniffsniff
15)that I have some curl in my hair and I don't need a flat-iron everyday(how vain, I know....puke puke) and yes a vain picture i took of my"curls" LOL I am such a freak.....

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it's a gong show... said...

I have been thinking about your #14 for awhile now and have decided to turn my basement into a beautiful suite so that we can live happily ever after forever!

Of course I am only kidding but I can TOTALLY relate to the feeling of sadness when I think about an empty nest one day.

Nadine said...

You learned so much and I really like how you expressed your thoughts. I love #1, #5, #6 ...ah I like them all. Thank you for sharing your insights in such a creative manner.

esther said...

"i don't need a flat-iron everyday" are TOO funny, louise.

love your "vain" pic...your gorgeous!!!

Erin said...

Great list! And on number don't talk too much...and you listen very well. At least I think so. But then again, I think I talk to much and need to listen better, so I totally understand that thought. And I really love the picture of your curls. I had no idea...

svea said...

love the curls, and I think you are great. Good to see you today. A good blowdry can do a lot for a girl. hugs- svea

Anonymous said...

Hey Louise,
Just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog. Alot of what you have to say is so inspiring to me and let's me know that we all have many of the same issues behind our closed front doors. My girls are still so small and I also already get sad about them leaving one day. But my goal is to love them to the best of my ability so that when they do move out they'll want to come over to hang out and eat all our free food of course!
See ya at MOPS


Cherrye said...

Hi Louise. I love your list. I can relate to many of those. It is sooo hard to pray for someone you are mad at, isn't it? I try it sometimes...

And, exercise is fun?? Nah...the only fun thing about my exercise is the people at the gym (well that, and the fact I can't understand too much of what they are saying!!) ha ha

PS - I WISH I had curls in my hair! Throw the flat iron away, girl!

shelley said...

wow, all that in just one week? that is need to leave some for next week.