Saturday, March 10, 2007

Unsolved Mystery....
It all started last night at 3am as Antonio Banderas was whisking me across the dance floor(mmm was this because I watched Take the Lead??LOL) when I heard crying in our room, as I woke from my dreamy slumber I see Noah standing at the foot of our bed, crying. I ask what is wrong and he tells me he bumped his head and it hurts, so I sit up and lay my hand on his head and pray 'pain go, healing flow in Jesus name amen' this is commonly all the kids want and they go on their way but Noah continued to cry. So I asked if he wanted to lay down with me for a bit so as we were cuddling there I decided to check out his head for a bump and instead I find a matted mess AND a bump, it was somewhat damp so I smelled my fingers and it had that awfull metallic smell....EEK BLOOD!! So trying not to freak I calmly get up and turn on my lamp and check it out...oh oh this could definitely use stitches.

I wake Conrad up and show him what happened and he goes to Noah's room to see if he can figure out how he got this nasty cut and this is what he finds...his pillow!!!

And Conrad tries to find the thing that could have caused so much blood...

Is it this???


No blood on either one of those corners AND Noah doesn't remember how or where he got cut, I asked him if he was maybe riding a buffalo in his dreams and got tossed and then maybe he flung his head back and caught it on his bed corner......hey I got a smile from him, huge feat in moments like this!! When Conrad and I mentioned stitches he freaked and I thought to myself NO WAY....bandaid glue maybe, I am not going through another hospital where all the nurses need to wear earplugs to deal with Noah.
The cuts seems to have clotted well and it may need bandaid glue but I am not taking him to get stitches....does that make me a horrible mother??
Yikers we try and try to protect our kids from anything and everything we possibly can and then something like this happens and you feel helpless.
We haven't been able to solve this mystery, all I know is that I will consistantly pray protection over my kids even if they are in the comfort of their beds!!
Case Closed......status: Unsolved!


Erin said...

You should be a CSI girl! I totally agree with you...I'll keep my kids out of the hospital as long as possible and look for other alternatives...

Erin said...

Oh yeah, did you take those pictures in the middle of the night? Just wondering if you're as nuts as I think you are...:)

Elin said...

Hi Louise,
I hope Noah is ok. Made me think of Farsite and "things that go bump in the night"... lol
Love your blog. Now I can keep up with your life, since you won't talk to me on the phone ;-)