Monday, March 26, 2007

Practise Makes Perfect.....or so they say!!
Well yesterday we had our first practise on the actual runway that we'll be using for the fashion show, on my first time out my heel got stuck twice in a crack...opps!! We ran through our routines a bunch of times and I feel a bit better about the show now.
Today we do a full run through with all the actors and everyone the audience will be bigger!!! (Breathe in, breathe out!)
It should be okay the outfits are somewhat out of my comfort zone but thats okay I am a manequin and I understand that. I am there to display the clothes that the store wants to showcase.
Its just so interesting how this year has been such a stretching year for me already, joining choir and being okay with being on stage but not being on stage (in other words I like being lost in a choir) to now having to walk out alone on a stage and have all the cameras and lights on me in front of 500 people in one evening(....STRETCH!!!) I have been praying my way to confidence, there are going to be many people there who have never been to church and my smile is my witness. I pray that I can smile without my whole mouth shaking!!
Be praying for all the production teams, actors and models this week and also pray for all the people that are coming to see the show that have never been to church. There is always and opportunity at the end with a little message for people to accept Christ, pray that hearts will be opened!!!

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Erin said...

you're going to do fabulous, darling, can't wait to see you strut your hot stuff!