Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Okay So I've Been Tagged...
Thanks to
My Bella Vita, I am to try and figure out seven songs that I would listen to if I could only listen to those seven songs for the rest of my life......oh man this will be tough!!
1)Impromptu in A -okay strange I know but my hubby plays piano so beautifully that I could truly listen to this one over and over and over..
2)Beautiful Day (U2) - just really love the tune, gives me a really good happy feeling
3)Emmanuel -Hillsongs- my favorite Praise and Worship Tune
4)Blow It High - Tragically Hip, thanks to my brothers I have a strange affection for the Hip
5)Angel - Sarah , our song, ahhhhhhhhhh
6)Joyride- Roxette- a blast from the past but oh so fun!!!
7)The Way You Look Tonight- Frank Sinatra, gushy lovey dovey the affection in that song
I DID IT, okay now I can't guarantee that I would actually listen to these songs for the REST of my life but I would think these would hold my attention at least for seven years...LOL!!
Now its my turn......
Erin and Svea consider yourself TAGGED!!!


Cherrye said...

Yea - you did it. I need to go find and listen to these songs, now. I probably know them, but I am horrible about knowing the names of songs...

Erin said...

I'm doing'll just have to give me a few days to get them rounded up.