Thursday, March 15, 2007

MY BOYS.......
Kezy always calls Noah and Ezra her boys, she says things like' my boys are playing lego, where are my boys? i love my boys'...I was thinking about that today and wondering if her and her boys will ever share a great relationship when they are older, got me thinking about my boys, my brothers-we fought like cats and dogs when we were younger, I'd be chasing my brothers around with pots and pans or throwing things at them and my youngest brother Sheldon would be on the phone with my mom who was at work giving her a play by I bet my mom had those moments where she felt like her kids would never get along, let alone share a friendship someday. I am happy to say I love my brothers SO much, Norm the oldest for his big teddy bear hugs and that he is still protective of me, Allan for the way we can chat and even though there is distance between us I still know that he loves me and thinks about me and Sheldon well Sheldon is Sheldon, he can make me laugh SO hard he is always the life of the party and where would our family be without the crazy ways of Sheldon!! I love you MY boys, even though there are times when we don't often see each other or talk much ALWAYS know that YOU ARE LOVED and that your sis carries a very special place in my heart for you all!! Thanks for being YOU!!!

(Sheldon,Me,Allan and Norm)
Looking at this picture gives me hope for my kids future!! I pray that they grow up to share a great relationship where they can laugh together and make fun of their!! So days like today where they all can't stand each other and get on each others nerves I will try to remember how far me and my boys came!!
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Anonymous said...

Now I'm verklempt! Love you too sis!


Sheldon said...

i'd like to think of those times as a part of a learning curve
A)I know how to call 911(mom at the time)
B)I learnt to talk loud (to mom on the phone over all the screaming, clanging pots, splats of kethup, or ceral bolls)
c)Deadly accurate with the bb gun(know when to stop)
Thanks SIS love ya too!

Erin said...

Oh, Louise. One day I hope to have the same kind of loving bond with my brothers. I took the first step. I baked my brother buns just because and brought them to his house. He called me the next day to thank me and I talked with him a few minutes and he actually talked. In fact, he carried most of the conversation. Jer didn't believe me that I was talking to Kerry because he was talking so much.

Nadine said...

That was so sweet. How nice that you get along so well now with your brothers. My kids 23 & 21 do get along so well now...much better than when they were younger. My son recently came back to live at home for a bit to save money and well I've never seen them get along so well.

Thank you for sharing your admiration for your "boys"

esther said...

awhhh, that is so awesome!!!