Sunday, March 18, 2007

(the kids in daddy's old shades sitting with Papa)
My kids are SO blessed to have such awesome Grandparents!
The kids spent the weekend with their Grandparents and that is
always a weekend where the kids come back exhausted, they spend
time reading, going to movies, building forts, going for walks, playing
games and being plain silly!! I am so blessed to have had a weekend
alone at home, allowed me time to unwind and rest and spend time
preparing for the fashion show and spend time with friends.
The Grandparents have the kids for spring break as
well so I wonder what kind of adventures will be next!!! I never grew
up with Grandparents so I can only imagine all the wonderful
memories my children are building!!
Thanks Granna and Papa for all the love you show the kids and thanks
for all the time you put in to them and that you allow them to be themselves
and create a "mess" for you that you welcome!! I am SO blessed to have
you as my in-laws!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
Love you!!!
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Nadine said...

Grandparents are special. Do you notice that they are not the same people that raised you? I mean the things my parents would say ...oh they didn't mean to do that...whereas I would have gotten punished. Grandparents are fun and necessary. So happy for your kids.