Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Okay So I've Been Tagged...
Thanks to
My Bella Vita, I am to try and figure out seven songs that I would listen to if I could only listen to those seven songs for the rest of my life......oh man this will be tough!!
1)Impromptu in A -okay strange I know but my hubby plays piano so beautifully that I could truly listen to this one over and over and over..
2)Beautiful Day (U2) - just really love the tune, gives me a really good happy feeling
3)Emmanuel -Hillsongs- my favorite Praise and Worship Tune
4)Blow It High - Tragically Hip, thanks to my brothers I have a strange affection for the Hip
5)Angel - Sarah , our song, ahhhhhhhhhh
6)Joyride- Roxette- a blast from the past but oh so fun!!!
7)The Way You Look Tonight- Frank Sinatra, gushy lovey dovey the affection in that song
I DID IT, okay now I can't guarantee that I would actually listen to these songs for the REST of my life but I would think these would hold my attention at least for seven years...LOL!!
Now its my turn......
Erin and Svea consider yourself TAGGED!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Goodbye my kidlets....
The kids are off to Granna and Papa's till Saturday....I shouldn't break out into a happy dance should I??
Love you kids!
Thanks Granna and Papa!!
Practise Makes Perfect.....or so they say!!
Well yesterday we had our first practise on the actual runway that we'll be using for the fashion show, on my first time out my heel got stuck twice in a crack...opps!! We ran through our routines a bunch of times and I feel a bit better about the show now.
Today we do a full run through with all the actors and everyone the audience will be bigger!!! (Breathe in, breathe out!)
It should be okay the outfits are somewhat out of my comfort zone but thats okay I am a manequin and I understand that. I am there to display the clothes that the store wants to showcase.
Its just so interesting how this year has been such a stretching year for me already, joining choir and being okay with being on stage but not being on stage (in other words I like being lost in a choir) to now having to walk out alone on a stage and have all the cameras and lights on me in front of 500 people in one evening(....STRETCH!!!) I have been praying my way to confidence, there are going to be many people there who have never been to church and my smile is my witness. I pray that I can smile without my whole mouth shaking!!
Be praying for all the production teams, actors and models this week and also pray for all the people that are coming to see the show that have never been to church. There is always and opportunity at the end with a little message for people to accept Christ, pray that hearts will be opened!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

WHat I learned this week...
1)my kids are growing up WAY too fast...Kezy is no longer a baby(HELLO)
2)patience only comes through the grace of God(thank you GOD)
3)no matter how much you clean, someone comes along behind you and you have to start again....grr
4)that I talk WAY too much and I need to improve my listening skills
5)that no matter how much I worry it doesn't actually change the situation
6)that God comes through in the big and the little things(my verse today...2 Corinthians 3:4-5)
7)that no matter how long you exercise it doesn't become "more" fun... maybe that will happen yet
8)when frustrated with someone instead of stewing...pray for the person(tough tough tough)
9)the movie Babel was not an uplifting movie and one I don't recommend
10)that I don't need to pretend I have it all together, no one does and I can be real and thats okay
11)acts of service isn't so bad...thanks Michelle for allowing me to help you out
12)that I can actually live a day without chocolate.....its a miracle I know!!
13)that its okay not to have all the answers......ask and keep on asking right?
14)one that brought me to tears....That eventually my kids will all leave home and not need to be tucked in or need their bedtime prayer.....WOW......sniffsniff
15)that I have some curl in my hair and I don't need a flat-iron everyday(how vain, I know....puke puke) and yes a vain picture i took of my"curls" LOL I am such a freak.....

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

(the kids in daddy's old shades sitting with Papa)
My kids are SO blessed to have such awesome Grandparents!
The kids spent the weekend with their Grandparents and that is
always a weekend where the kids come back exhausted, they spend
time reading, going to movies, building forts, going for walks, playing
games and being plain silly!! I am so blessed to have had a weekend
alone at home, allowed me time to unwind and rest and spend time
preparing for the fashion show and spend time with friends.
The Grandparents have the kids for spring break as
well so I wonder what kind of adventures will be next!!! I never grew
up with Grandparents so I can only imagine all the wonderful
memories my children are building!!
Thanks Granna and Papa for all the love you show the kids and thanks
for all the time you put in to them and that you allow them to be themselves
and create a "mess" for you that you welcome!! I am SO blessed to have
you as my in-laws!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
Love you!!!
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

MY BOYS.......
Kezy always calls Noah and Ezra her boys, she says things like' my boys are playing lego, where are my boys? i love my boys'...I was thinking about that today and wondering if her and her boys will ever share a great relationship when they are older, got me thinking about my boys, my brothers-we fought like cats and dogs when we were younger, I'd be chasing my brothers around with pots and pans or throwing things at them and my youngest brother Sheldon would be on the phone with my mom who was at work giving her a play by I bet my mom had those moments where she felt like her kids would never get along, let alone share a friendship someday. I am happy to say I love my brothers SO much, Norm the oldest for his big teddy bear hugs and that he is still protective of me, Allan for the way we can chat and even though there is distance between us I still know that he loves me and thinks about me and Sheldon well Sheldon is Sheldon, he can make me laugh SO hard he is always the life of the party and where would our family be without the crazy ways of Sheldon!! I love you MY boys, even though there are times when we don't often see each other or talk much ALWAYS know that YOU ARE LOVED and that your sis carries a very special place in my heart for you all!! Thanks for being YOU!!!

(Sheldon,Me,Allan and Norm)
Looking at this picture gives me hope for my kids future!! I pray that they grow up to share a great relationship where they can laugh together and make fun of their!! So days like today where they all can't stand each other and get on each others nerves I will try to remember how far me and my boys came!!
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yikes so as most of you know I am taking part in the fashion show at church and we have been practising for almost a month now, how to walk, remember to smile, keep your head up etc etc. We have the best coach in the world(that's you Charmaign!!) and all is going well but somehow every time I think of having to walk across that stage in front of all those people and my heart skips a beat and I get quivery. Today was Wednesday morning coffee and I put on my new heels and the music I am walking to and walked for the gals and MAN OH MAN I was shaking like a leaf and SO nervous, these are people I see and talk to ALL the TIME, people that are in my life that are big supports in my life and here I am afraid. WOW what an eye opener if this is what I feel like in front of my friends what will it really be like....all I know is that I will have to rely on the Lord for strength after all I am doing this for Him but man does this get easier...This has always been my biggest fear, being in front of a huge crowd and everyone looking at me. Yikes....daunting!! Please pray!!! I will remember The JOY of the LORD is MY STRENGTH!!!!

So Easter is still quite a bit away now how do I get Kez not to want to wear her dress??
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This too shall pass........
So I hear it is drive your mother crazy day and I didn't recieve the memo..... it is just one of those days where the children all hop onboard the complain train and drive their mother up the mountain and down the other side trying to drive her crazy all saying in unison "we think we can we think we can!!" OH NO YOU CAN'T this mama will not budge!!! LOL
It is not just one thing that draws complaints but a whole range from what there is to eat, to what to wear outside, to going to Hip Hop, to doing homework etc etc I think an early bedtime is coming and ohhhhhh can't wait to hear the complaints on that one....
Kids, they are incredibly wonderful to have but they should come with a warning label such as: warning could cause extreme emotions, warning may cause you to combust, warning during times of stress count to 10, warning may cause you to be filled with so much love that you may grind your teeth during a hug, warning children will say what they feel not necessarily what you want to hear..........
Yeah so evening is coming and then bedtime and then the time where I can walk into their rooms and watch them sleep, looking so peaceful and remember ALL the reasons why I love them so much and why a parents love runs so deep!! until then my moto is ' I WILL SURVIVE'!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Today I had an awesome day it wasn't because anything special or significant happened in my was a great day because I felt God. I felt His love all around me, in the warmth of a smile and the warmth of the sun(yeah finally) and in the conversations with friends. It is so amazing to catch a glimpse of the love that He pours out on us everyday!! I Love my Lord with all my heart and even though I am a constant work in progress I catch the glimpse of how deep His love is for me and it is an all consuming happy feeling that nothing can shake and that no one can take away. God has done amazing work in my life even in the past year, moving from a low self worth to a self worth that comes from seeing myself through God's eyes...what an amazing feeling, one that no husband, friend or parent can provide, the love they give us will never be enough if that is our source. Our self esteem and self worth can and should only come from God and all the rest is extra, don't get me wrong I love getting flowers from my hubby and having him compliment me but he is not my source for my self worth,..that was a HUGE realisation for me. I still have days where I "feel" off but I know that God's love for me is never changing!! So yeah today was awesome, I will purpose myself to see more of God in my every day life!!...I only have God to thank for today, thanks God you ROCK!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Baby is going to a party!!!
You look so pretty girly!
I love you....
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Finally I made a chore list for my kids and explained to them how it is going to work and what our expectations are for receiving an allowance......and WOW I had the greatest working crew ever!! They worked SO hard and instead of me having to do it all on my own( Conrad isn't around right now) it was done in a relatively good time and the results are great, my house hasn't looked this great in a while!!!
Thanks to Charmaign and Kathy for encouraging me to get this done, now these tasks don't seem so daunting........I pray this lasts!!!
Unsolved Mystery....
It all started last night at 3am as Antonio Banderas was whisking me across the dance floor(mmm was this because I watched Take the Lead??LOL) when I heard crying in our room, as I woke from my dreamy slumber I see Noah standing at the foot of our bed, crying. I ask what is wrong and he tells me he bumped his head and it hurts, so I sit up and lay my hand on his head and pray 'pain go, healing flow in Jesus name amen' this is commonly all the kids want and they go on their way but Noah continued to cry. So I asked if he wanted to lay down with me for a bit so as we were cuddling there I decided to check out his head for a bump and instead I find a matted mess AND a bump, it was somewhat damp so I smelled my fingers and it had that awfull metallic smell....EEK BLOOD!! So trying not to freak I calmly get up and turn on my lamp and check it out...oh oh this could definitely use stitches.

I wake Conrad up and show him what happened and he goes to Noah's room to see if he can figure out how he got this nasty cut and this is what he finds...his pillow!!!

And Conrad tries to find the thing that could have caused so much blood...

Is it this???


No blood on either one of those corners AND Noah doesn't remember how or where he got cut, I asked him if he was maybe riding a buffalo in his dreams and got tossed and then maybe he flung his head back and caught it on his bed corner......hey I got a smile from him, huge feat in moments like this!! When Conrad and I mentioned stitches he freaked and I thought to myself NO WAY....bandaid glue maybe, I am not going through another hospital where all the nurses need to wear earplugs to deal with Noah.
The cuts seems to have clotted well and it may need bandaid glue but I am not taking him to get stitches....does that make me a horrible mother??
Yikers we try and try to protect our kids from anything and everything we possibly can and then something like this happens and you feel helpless.
We haven't been able to solve this mystery, all I know is that I will consistantly pray protection over my kids even if they are in the comfort of their beds!!
Case Closed......status: Unsolved!

Friday, March 09, 2007

So as some of you already know towards the end of last summer Noah got stung by a wasp while we were at some friends and he blew up like a puffer fish...okay maybe not that bad, but his face and neck and shoulder were really swollen so we took him to the hospital and they gave him Benadryl kept an eye on him for ohhh about 20 minutes and sent us home, at the time I thought they were nutts...what were they thinking sending my baby home, he could die.......okay a bit of drama....but I ended up visiting my doctor after all this and he prescibed an epi-pen and told me he'd make arrangements for Noah to see an allergy six months later which was about 3 weeks ago we went in to see the specialist and found out that Noah is really allergic to cats and they had to do a blood test to see if he was indeed allergic to stings, (wow that sounds simple but oh to be a fly on the wall for that appointment, let me just say that I think the ENTIRE clinic knew that Noah was indeed in the building, and that he is not a candidate for a lung transplant...if you get my drift...i think the nurses will now carry earplugs!!) SOOOO anyway I got the results of that blood test today and Noah is NOT I repeat NOT allergic to any types of stings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH PRAISE THE LORD!!! He doesn't have to carry an epi-pen!!!
We are thrilled, well at least I am since I haven't even told him yet...heehee!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

MY VISUAL DNA........this is really neat!!!
Click on the link below the picture to get your own visual DNA!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

We have been married for 9 wonderful years, okay not all of them super spectacular bounce of the walls in love wonderful but a growing experience none the less!! I love him.......and I am looking forward to many more years with him!!!

A great moment.....

Today after school Noah and Ezra really wanted to watch Star Wars but without even telling them they knew they had to do their reading and this is what I captured, Noah helping Ezra with his doesn't get any better than that. Praise the Lord I must be doing something right!!

I have always wanted to do a blog but I have never considered myself to be good at anything to do with words, I am not profound in my writing and I am not profound in my speaking SO what you will see here is mostly me just being me....or at least I hope it comes across like that. Thanks to Erin who encouraged me to do this....(now her blog is if you want deep and profound check out her blog)
Thanks for checking this out. I hope to keep up with my life in the posts.
Check back soon.....